About Us

Party At The Beach was created to inspire the beach life.

Imagine a bright and sunny day, hearing as well as watching the waves crash, creating footprints in the sand and allowing the blissful beach vibe take over you.  Whether you live at the beach, aspire to have a home on the beach or you want to simply take a bit of the beach home with you, PartyAtTheBeach.com welcomes you with open arms.  I have selected items which will allow the peaceful & relaxed beach vibe into your home including home decor, books, jewelry as well as art.  I invite you also to shop by theme: Mermaids, Sand Dollars, Nautical & more!

As someone who has always dreamed of living by the beach and completely loves being near the ocean, my dream came true this year, in 2015.  I am now officially living by the beach in sunny Southern California, which adds a little more bliss to my day each and every day.  I guess that makes me an incredibly grateful Beach Girl! I appreciate both the excitement as well as peaceful vibe of being on the beach.  Collecting seashells, taking long walks along the ocean, while hearing the waves dance and inhaling that fresh ocean air rocks my world each time I step onto the soft sand. And don't even get me started on the sunrises & sunsets...awe-inspiring!

I was inspired to create PartyAtTheBeach.com to share my joy of the beach life and allow you to incorporate a bit of the vibrant beach life into your everyday life.  Make yourself at home, take a look around as I welcome you the beach.  Sending you complete sunshine and wishing you a spectacular day!